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Company Name Phone Number Posted
Travel Ghana LtdN/A2009-02-20
Land Tours Ghana LimitedN/A2009-02-19
Edmark International02433162232009-02-17
G-Pak LimitedN/A2009-02-16
Business Dynamics LtdN/A2009-02-15
Mobotho Systems Ltd02087635962009-02-15
Hospitality Resources Ltd021-9234572009-02-14
Daryeb Technology Limited02093595222009-02-13
Metropolitan Insurance Company027-20006012009-02-13
Unique Step Consult0249083783,02420402992009-02-11
Group 4 Securicor Services (Ghana) LtdN/A2009-02-10
Maso Quarry LimitedN/A2009-02-09
AEC Limited024-43563582009-02-09
Maso Quarry LimitedN/A2009-02-09
Confederation of Great Africa0246-8337722009-02-09
QUALMS Consult Ltd021-8162422009-02-09
CIG0243 9319272009-02-08
Maso Quarry LimitedN/A2009-02-05
Maso Quarry LimitedN/A2009-02-05
Bas Management Services Ltd020 8625358, 0246 8469612009-02-03
Ravent ServicesN/A2009-02-03
Melcom Travel & Tours Ltd021-2517832009-02-02
Initiative Development Ghana021-249 1092009-02-01
AylosBay Garden Restaurant & Lodge024441601,025120032009-01-28
Ghana Cocoa BoardN/A2009-01-26
Intanetti Group/Multimedia02713406262009-01-20
Ministry of Food and Agriculture 021-6665672009-01-16
East Airport International School021-811757 / 02444844092009-01-15
Blessed Schools Complex0244-652-827/0244-312-1152009-01-15
Cyntech Computer Inst.0247489291 / 02725128952009-01-15
The Dons Club0271327697 / 02434324172009-01-15
Trinity Lutheran School024 4603010, 024 48266862009-01-15
Ministry of Food and AgricultureN/A2009-01-14
UCMAS Ghana Ltd0245 2113962009-01-13
Travel Ghana LtdN/A2009-01-13
Ministry of Food and AgricultureN/A2009-01-13
Malike ConsultsN/A2009-01-12
FiXiT ServicesN/A2009-01-12
Digital Multimedia Productions Ltd0214166722009-01-12
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