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Company Name:  Inspirations Jewellery

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Company Name:Inspirations Jewellery
Region:Greater Accra
City: Asylum Down
Other city:
Location:Asylum Down
Date Posted: 2008-02-07
Business Address: P.O.Box GP 21028, Accra.
Contact Name:Inspirations Jewellery
Phone Number:00233 244 740 324, 00233 244 154 100
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Business Description: Inspirations Jewellery is a gold and silver smithing enterprise based in Accra, Ghana.Our primary focus is the production of gold and silver jewellery in traditional African designs (incl. Adinkra symbols of Ghana). Inspirations Jewellery also creats its own unique designs. These unique designs are often tailor made to meet individual client tastes and specifications. Products also include design concepts in ethnic African beads in combination with precious metal. We also undertake repair works and polishing of gold and silver jewellery. Contact us for your wedding rings, chains, necklaces, fancy rings, cuff links, anklets, bracelets, earrings, tie pins, medals etc. in both gold and silver