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Company Name:  Ghanaian German Economic Association

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Company Name:Ghanaian German Economic Association
Region:Greater Accra
City: Airport
Other city:
Date Posted: 2008-02-18
Business Address: Box KIA 9227
Contact Name:Ghanaian German Economic Association
Phone Number:021-257837
Fax: 021-257838
Business Email:
Business Description: The Ghanaian-German Economic Association (GGEA) is an alliance of Ghanaian and German companies, entrepreneurs and institutions with business and commercial interests in the two countries. Founded in 1999, GGEA provides its members with various services such as delivering up-to-date information on economic, commercial and other bilateral issues, linking up with business partners, authorities and institutions and creating an active forum for a public-private dialogue. GGEA represents the entire spectrum of enterprises and institutions engaged in Ghanaian-German relations, ranging from small and medium sized companies to the large German corporations and Ghanaian-German joint-ventures, including German and Ghanaian public institutions. - (