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Company Name:  Onuado

Business Details
Company Name:Onuado
Region:Greater Accra
City: Accra North
Other city:
Location:Kokomlemle Accra
Date Posted: 2008-02-21
Business Address: Entrepreneurs’ Network (EN) is a social enterprise that seeks among other things to assist entrepreneurs to build world-class businesses. Entrepreneurs’ Network seeks to serve as a hub of hope for entrepreneurs all over who desire to live their dreams and are passionate about gaining the requisite knowledge to better position them to move ahead of their competitors and fulfill their overarching ambition of building a legacy. We are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs succeed.
Contact Name:Onuado
Phone Number:0208565141
Business Email:
Business Description: Onuado is an association/club with an objective to 1. give a helping hand to the club memebers in time of difficulties financially and non financially be involved in planning of ceremonies requested by memebers.Funeral,Marriage,outdooring,Birthday parties etc 3. Counselling members giving ideas in business and financial managment