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Company Name:  Save Rural Africa

Business Details
Company Name:Save Rural Africa
Region:Greater Accra
City: Awoshie
Other city: Accra
Location:Anyaa Main Road
Date Posted: 2012-12-18
Business Address: P. O. Box 69KT, Kotobabi
Contact Name:Frank Agbolosu
Phone Number:0270113728
Fax: 233 270113729
Business Email:
Business Description: Save Rural Africa (SRA) is a Non Govermental Organisation assisting communities and groups especially poor women and children, by providing them with technical assistance and funds to develop the basic socioČeconomic infrastructure to alleviate poverty and improve upon their living standards.

What we do
a. To provide assistance and relief in the event of natural disasters and conflicts.

b. Networking with other organizations for experience learning, sharing and capacity building.

c. Promoting the enhancement of desirable elements of education, health, food security and Agricultural conservation of environment and culture/tourism exchange programmes.

d. Providing individual entrepreneurs within the groups with micro-credits and other resources

e. Training of economically active entrepreneurs on business management
techniques and basic records keeping procedures

f. Training of children in vocational skills to make them economically independent